RemoteAware GenAI Analytics Platform

Transforming IoT Data Into Actionable Business Insights

The Power of Data

Leverage AI-Powered Analytics

New Boundary Technologies’ RemoteAware™ GenAI Analytics Platform transforms how businesses interact with IoT data. The platform unlocks actionable insights, driving operational excellence and strategic decision-making. Elevate your business capabilities with the power of Generative AI-driven IoT data analytics.

Converse with your data!

The RemoteAware™ GenAI Analytics Platform excels in delivering comprehensive solutions for a wide range of enterprise IoT applications. Through a simple natural language interface, it delivers valuable business insights and recommendations, seamlessly integrating with existing data infrastructures and diverse IoT edge devices. Interact with your data through intuitive conversations to get immediate actionable answers.

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Why RemoteAware™ GenAI?

Business Insights and Recommendations

Transform complex IoT data into actionable business insights and recommendations. Make informed decisions based on data to enhance operations and drive growth.

IoT Hardware and Communication Diagnostics

Receive detailed analytics on sensors and gateways to identify and resolve hardware issues, ensuring peak performance and reliability.

User-Prompted & Automated Actions

Experience dynamic interactions with IoT data through intuitive natural language interfaces. Automate actions to streamline operations without the need for constant human oversight.

Predictive Analytics

Use advanced forecasting to optimize operations, reduce costs, and anticipate future issues. Enhance predictive and preventative maintenance strategies to ensure equipment longevity and operational efficiency.

Anomaly Detection

Continuously monitor your systems for irregularities, quickly detecting and alerting potential issues when they fall outside normal bounds.

Trend Analysis

Leverage analytics to understand and predict long-term patterns and trends, guiding strategic decisions and optimizing business performance.