What People Are Saying

“Prism dramatically reduces the amount of time needed to set up new workstations and reconfigure the old ones. It provides us the means to manage software and track licenses as well as maintain our software with updates and patches.”

IT Manager

Architectural Firm

“Prism Deploy Packager is very clear and intuitive to use for the administrator and while simultaneously solving very complicated problems. Also compelling about Prism Deploy Packager is its stability and the good and prompt support, which is especially important for our training organization. The support functions to our fullest satisfaction.”

IT Director

German Communications Company

“We’ve been using Prism Deploy for years to install and maintain software on over 2,500 PCs. We’ve always been impressed by the high quality of New Boundary Technologies’ solutions, their people and their outstanding technical support.” 

IT Manager


“Because Policy Commander is so easy to learn and use, we were actively implementing and testing policies just an hour after it was installed. Based on our testing, we believe that Policy Commander will help us minimize the risk of security breaches and respond much more quickly to system vulnerabilities.” 

Database Administrator

Financial Corporation

“Policy Commander gives us an incredible level of control over the security state of Windows systems used by our remote and internal staff. With Policy Commander, we’ve been able to establish a self-monitoring and self-correcting security environment that often exceeds the HIPAA requirements.”

IT Department

Healthcare Company

“Three words come to mind when I think of New Boundary and its Prism Suite. Reliable, easy and essential. There are few network administration products that perform as advertised, but Prism Suite is definitely an exception.” 

Manager of Desktop Computers

Legal Company

“Prism Suite is a great software solution that has saved us countless staff hours in the first several months of owning the product. Deployment projects that used to take 20 to 40 hours of staff time can now be completed in just an hour.” 

Systems Support Specialist

Regional Water Services

“In a typical month, (our school) saves approximately £3,000 ($4,950) by using PwrSmart to ensure that its 595 computers are powered down when they are not in use. PwrSmart not only enables (our school) to extend the life of its IT assets, it makes the building owner much more comfortable about the school’s energy consumption curve.” 

IT Manager

UK Math & Science Magnet School

“Partnering with New Boundary Technologies gave us the industry-leading oilfield IoT application without programmers or costly development expenses. We use it for all of our customer installations so our team can provide the most proactive service possible. Together, we’re truly simplifying remote monitoring for the oilfield.”


Oil and Gas Manufacturing Company

“New Boundary Technologies has been responsive and extremely helpful in creating a custom IoT solution for our orchard and our customer needs. Their practices are small business friendly and they get the job done easily, efficiently and cost effectively. Branding RemoteAware was incredibly easy and took less than 30 minutes of my time to complete.”


Orchard Farm

“Without New Boundary Technologies as a partner we wouldn’t be where we are today. They’ve gone above and beyond every step of the way. The RemoteAware application service provided us with a branded solution that was robust and full-featured day one.”


Boat Cleaning Station Manufacturer

“With TankVista, there’s no more uncertainty. No more unnecessary travel. You just flat out have instant access to the information you need to know to better manage your storage tanks. Companies will see immediate productivity and efficiency gains, and experience hard ROI in less than one year. New Boundary Technologies and TankVista put our customers in complete control over tank monitoring operations.”


System Integrator, IoT Solutions

“The flexibility we needed for software distribution was critical, and that’s why we selected Prism Deploy. It doesn’t matter if the software is packaged, scripted or natively installed. Everything is possible with this solution.”

IT Administrator

German Government District

“Given both the pace and the amount of growth we’ve experienced, we simply can’t rely on manual methods to inventory PCs, or learn which ones need software updates or tweaks to their settings. With Prism’s configuration groups, a lot of those updates happen automatically.” 

Senior Director of IT End User Services

Large Senior Living Organization

“PwrSmart automatically targets and groups our more than 16,000 PCs across six different PC power management classifications, which will generate more than $1 million in energy cost savings over the next 2-3 years.” 

IT Administrator Large

Regional Health System in Virginia

“We are excited to distribute PwrSmart Service; it’s re-seller friendly. PwrSmart Service’s graphical interface, ‘hands-off’ administration and comprehensive reporting functions stand out compared to other ‘clunky’ and overpriced centralized PC power management solutions.” 

Founder and CEO

Software Distributor

“PwrSmart makes controlling PC power management settings simple. It’s easy to assign different power schemes to staff and student computers based on when they leave the building each day. It’s also easy to quickly adjust power settings on an ad-hoc basis, for example, if computers need to stay on later for parent-teacher conferences.”

IT Manager

Advanced Curriculum School

“We found the ideal partner in New Boundary Technologies in the form of development, support and service. They have cut our costs while reducing our time to market by over 5X. With their help, we’ve transformed dissatisfied customers into customers who are thrilled with our performance and response.”

Business Development Manager

Compactor Manufacturer

When we were selecting our IoT Software Platform partner, it was critical that they could cost-effectively address the flexibility requirements of many different markets. Utilizing the ‘non-coding’ aspect of RemoteAware to create the network environment for our many sensors and gateways was a key contributor to our successful product launch.


Environmental Sensors