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Slash your energy waste with intelligent PC power management – lower your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint



Why New Boundary Technologies?

Reduce Energy Use

Save energy immediately upon activation with our PC Power Management solutions. Roll out in a day and instantly lower your organization’s overall energy consumption by 15% or more.

Save Money

Cut PC related energy costs by 60% or more with our intelligent PC Power Management products. Automate your enterprise-wide power management strategy and know you are in control of your costs.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Add to your sustainability initiatives with a high impact solution that is simple to implement. Reduce your environmental impact and obtain eligible carbon credits.

Increase IT Efficiency

Extend the life of PCs and automate compliance with organization’s policies. Ensure remote workers can wake machines, PCs are awake for patching, and critical applications are not interrupted.

Save Money. Save Energy. Save the Planet.

PC Power Management intelligently and automatically reduces power consumption of your PCs when not in active use. Organizations of all sizes gain significant reductions in energy costs and carbon footprint while extending the life of their PCs.

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Our Customers

Distributors and Resellers

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New Boundary Technologies’ PC Power Management products are sold worldwide through a network of Authorized Distributors and software resellers.

Midsize and Large Enterprises

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Organizations of all sizes benefit from the impact of our smart solutions. Implementing PC Power Management on 1000 PCs can save greater than $75,000 annually and prevent over 1,600 tons in CO2 over three years.

K12 Schools & Universities

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Numerous educational institutions take advantage of the low maintenance, automated control of our PC Power Management solutions to produce significant energy savings at their facilities.


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National government agencies and local municipalities around the world add our Green IT solutions to their sustainability efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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What People Are Saying

PwrSmart automatically targets and groups our more than 16,000 PCs across six different PC power management classifications, which will generate more than $1 million in energy cost savings over the next 2-3 years.

IT administrator

Large Regional Health System in Virginia

In a typical month, (our school) saves approximately £3,000 ($4,950) by using PwrSmart to ensure that its 595 computers are powered down when they are not in use. PwrSmart not only enables (our school) to extend the life of its IT assets, it makes the building owner much more comfortable about the school’s energy consumption curve.

IT Manager

UK Math & Science Magnet School

We are excited to distribute PwrSmart Service; it’s re-seller friendly. PwrSmart Service’s graphical interface, ‘hands-off’ administration and comprehensive reporting functions stand out compared to other ‘clunky’ and overpriced centralized PC power management solutions.

Founder and CEO

Software Distributor

PwrSmart makes controlling PC power management settings simple. It’s easy to assign different power schemes to staff and student computers based on when they leave the building each day. It’s also easy to quickly adjust power settings on an ad-hoc basis, for example, if computers need to stay on later for parent-teacher conferences.

IT Manager

Advanced Curriculum School