IJACK Case Study

New Boundary Technologies and IJACK Technologies Offer Oil & Gas Producers a Comprehensive Remote Monitoring System
Powered by RemoteAware™, RCOM offers customers a complete view of oilfield operations


IJACK Case Study

IJACK Technologies is a leading manufacturer of innovative equipment to improve the efficiency of oil and gas production. IJACK chose New Boundary Technologies RemoteAware IoT Application Service to brand as the IJACKTM RCOM remote monitoring system.

RCOM users can monitor remote oilfield sensors and equipment using a “single pane-of-glass” web dashboard, RCOM offers a complete hardware and software solution to manage remote pumpjack systems from anywhere.

Business Challenge

Assets in the oilfield can be miles apart, requiring hours of driving for onsite visits to check the status of pumping equipment. Equipment malfunctions at remote locations are expensive and result in reduced production and lost revenue. Attempting to access the information from pumpjacks remotely using legacy communications technology to create customer reports was a time consuming and expensive manual process.

Dan McCarthy, IJACK’s visionary founder and president, knew connecting their customers’ pumpjacks to the Internet using “Internet of Things” (IoT) technology could dramatically improve their oilfield operations. An IoT solution would give IJACK a competitive advantage, generate new recurring revenue, and let IJACK provide proactive support to their customers.

IJACK needed to deliver a solution quickly to establish themselves as the industry leader. As an equipment manufacturer, they did not have programmers on staff to develop an IoT application. They could not afford the 2 to 3 year development cycle and hundreds of thousands of dollars of software development costs typical for IoT applications.

Dan recognized the need for a field-proven IoT application that had a fast time-to-market with low development costs.


IJACK’s IoT hardware provider, Eurotech, introduced Dan to New Boundary Technologies, an IoT application software pioneer. New Boundary Technologies RemoteAware™ IoT application service is field proven providing solutions for equipment OEMs since 2001.

New Boundary Technologies branded the RemoteAware Application Service as IJACK™ RCOM. They customized RCOM specifically for IJACK’s oil and gas producers by adding Surface Dynamometer Card analytics visualization to identify pump performance problems. The RCOM dashboard provides a 360-overview of all IJACK units and locations on one screen – from rod load to casing gas pressure. Customers can remotely monitor more than 100 parameters securely from any mobile device.

RCOM’s 24×7 monitoring eliminates unnecessary onsite visits to check the status of remote oilfield equipment. When equipment requires attention, RCOM notifies personnel immediately and provides the critical information needed to dispatch the appropriate resources. RCOM provides producers with the key information they need to improve performance, eliminate downtime, and improve profitability.

RemoteAware is customizable for both IJACK and its customers. As a flexible IoT application service, it works across all of IJACK’s pumpjack offerings – UNO, DGAS and EGAS. For users, it tailors all aspects of remote monitoring to their specific products and oilfields. Customers can even upload images of each asset being monitored to assist field personnel.


New Boundary Technologies and IJACK brought RCOM to market in just 90 days. IJACK now delivers precise, comprehensive operating data to users in real-time to ensure all aspects of a pumpjack system are working properly and efficiently.

The partnership gives IJACK the ability to manage all of their customers’ pumpjacks proactively and sell a subscription service to their customers. Pumpjack performance reports can now be generated in seconds at the push of a button. Additionally, IJACK is now gathering pumpjack data for predictive analytics to provide even better management of pumpjacks in the future.

According to Dan McCarthy, President of IJACK Technologies, “Partnering with New Boundary Technologies gave us the industry-leading oilfield IoT application without programmers or costly development expenses. We use RCOM for all of our customer installations so our team can provide the most proactive service possible. Together, we’re truly simplifying remote monitoring for the oilfield.”

More information can be found at www.remoteaware.com.