Enviro-Controls Case Study




Enviro-Controls Case Study

Enviro-Controls provides a complete end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solution delivered as a Managed Services offering. Enviro-Controls first works with each customer using its proprietary IoT Business Transformation System. This system determines the customer’s business pain points that are solvable by IoT, as well as the financial business case. EnviroControls then deploys a customized IoT network for each customer. Customers pay a simple monthly fee based on the number and types of IoT sensors used.

Business Challenge

Enviro-Controls knows that even the most thorough IoT planning process doesn’t eliminate the complexity of customizing IoT deployment. They were looking for a way to differentiate their IoT Smart Overlay Managed Services by incorporating a flexible IoT software platform that would accelerate the deployment of customers’ IoT projects, with less cost and less risk.

Enviro-Controls saw several opportunities in addressing the challenge:

  • Customizing the customer’s IoT deployment to meet their exact needs
  • Addressing many different industries using a flexible IoT architecture
  • Reducing customer costs by 50%
  • Decreasing IoT deployment times by 90%
  • Eliminating the need for customers to add new IoT staff and/or skills in order to
    operate their network


To reduce the risk and cost to clients in the deployment phase of their IoT journey, EnviroControls partnered with New Boundary Technologies to offer its RemoteAware™ IoT Platform to Enviro-Controls clients.

These are the key benefits that the RemoteAware platform delivers:

  • Enviro-Controls and their customers don’t need internal or contracted programmers to develop their IoT applications. Instead they can focus on innovating in their core competency.
  • RemoteAware is a complete software solution that incorporates all aspects of New Boundary Technologies 30+ years’ experience as an independent software vendor (ISV): Responsive UI design, data architecture design, QA testing, application lifecycle management, end-to-end secure data communication, application user management and security, cloud hosting.
  • RemoteAware is a robust, scalable and field-proven platform that is used today in key IoT verticals such as smart farming, smart water, oil & gas, industrial automation, environmental monitoring.
  • Enviro-Controls deploys IoT applications using the RemoteAware application service and Monnit wireless sensors under their Enviro-Controls IoT Smart Overlay branding. The RemoteAware software platform can also be private label branded for Enviro-Controls’ customers if needed.
  • Setting up a pilot project on the RemoteAware platform is fast and easy, making it possible for customers make adjustments before going into production.


Enviro-Controls is now offering the IoT Smart Overlay to customers in many industries. As a Verizon Partner, Enviro-Controls is working alongside New Boundary staff to identify customer requirements and configure IoT Smart Overlay deployments that specifically address customer’s IoT needs.

“When we were selecting our IoT Software Platform partner, it was critical that they could cost-effectively address the flexibility requirements of many different markets,“ said Steve Grady, CEO of Enviro-Controls. “Utilizing the ‘non-coding’ aspect of RemoteAware to create the network environment for our many sensors and gateways was a key contributor to our successful product launch.

More information can be found at www.remoteaware.com.