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35 Years of Experience

Since 1985, we have been delivering cutting-edge Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Our experience across a wide range of applications and technologies in multiple industries gives us the expertise to create tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Partner Ecosystem

By partnering with leading hardware, connectivity and cloud providers, we offer our customers best-in-class technologies to create secure and scalable IoT solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Leverage our deep IoT expertise to drive your business success.

Hundreds of Customers

Our innovative IoT solutions connect sensors, gateways, PLCs, and equipment using wired and wireless technologies for customers worldwide. We improve business efficiency and reduce costs in manufacturing, oil and gas, water and energy, agriculture, and smart city applications.


We take pride in providing flexible solutions. We support a broad range of sensor and communication technologies and integrate with leading cloud services like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Our custom software development and integration services ensure seamless end-to-end solutions for your unique requirements.

Connecting Your World since 2001. Hundreds of Customers. Millions of Readings.

New Boundary Technologies® provides fully hosted web applications that remotely monitor and control sensors and equipment from anywhere in the world. Our IoT cloud platform enables us to provide rapid time to market for customized white label solutions, empowering our clients to bring their innovative products to market quickly.
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Our Customers

Equipment and Sensor OEMs

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Equipment and Sensor OEMs can make their equipment smart and connected, improve their business operations and monitor equipment from anywhere in the world.

Solution Providers

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IoT Solution Providers can quickly solve customer challenges through our IoT software solutions across any industry.

System Integrators

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System integrators offer our Internet of Things products to provide their customers with complete end-to-end IoT solutions in a matter of days without needing any coding.

Distributors and Resellers

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New Boundary Technologies’ Internet of Things products are sold worldwide through a network of Authorized Distributors and Resellers.


Our IoT Solutions – powered by RemoteAwareTM


Our IoT Applications

Boosting Efficiency in Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Water & Energy, Agriculture, and Smart City Applications.

Smart Farming

Precision farming for crop and livestock monitoring increases yield and reduces operating expenses instantly

Smart Water Management

Our IoT applications are conserving water and energy while improving water quality for municipal, agricultural and industrial applications.

Smart City

Our smart city applications help cities manage their energy and water resources, reduce their carbon footprint, and foster sustainability.

Smart Energy

Our IoT smart energy applications improve the efficiency of energy production, storage, distribution, and usage. Save money, reduce outages, and eliminate CO2 emissions.

Smart Industry

Our Industrial IoT applications provide 24/7 real-time monitoring of machinery and processes to prevent equipment failure and costly downtime.

Smart Temperature

Our smart temperature solutions provide continuous monitoring with real-time alerts for optimized food safety, pharmaceutical quality, and facility management

Chemical Manufacturing and Delivery

Our IoT applications provide real-time monitoring and control of critical processes and equipment. Gain insight into production data and optimize production schedules and deliveries.


What People Are Saying

“Partnering with New Boundary Technologies gave us the industry-leading oilfield IoT application without programmers or costly development expenses. We use it for all of our customer installations so our team can provide the most proactive service possible. Together, we’re truly simplifying remote monitoring for the oilfield.”


Oil and Gas Manufacturing Company

“We found the ideal partner in New Boundary Technologies in the form of development, support and service. They have cut our costs while reducing our time to market by over 5X. With their help, we’ve transformed dissatisfied customers into customers who are thrilled with our performance and response.”

Business Development Manager

Compactor Manufacturer

“Without New Boundary Technologies as a partner we wouldn’t be where we are today. They’ve gone above and beyond every step of the way. The RemoteAware application service provided us with a branded solution that was robust and full-featured day one.”


Boat Cleaning Station Manufacturer

“New Boundary Technologies has been responsive and extremely helpful in creating a custom IoT solution for our orchard and our customers’ needs. Their practices are small business friendly and they get the job done easily, efficiently and cost effectively. Branding RemoteAware was incredibly easy and took less than 30 minutes of my time to complete.”


Orchard Farm

When we were selecting our IoT Software Platform partner, it was critical that they could cost-effectively address the flexibility requirements of many different markets. Utilizing the ‘non-coding’ aspect of RemoteAware to create the network environment for our many sensors and gateways was a key contributor to our successful product launch.


Environmental Sensors

“With TankVista, there’s no more uncertainty. No more unnecessary travel. You just flat out have instant access to the information you need to know to better manage your storage tanks. Companies will see immediate productivity and efficiency gains, and experience hard ROI in less than one year. New Boundary Technologies and TankVista put our customers in complete control over tank monitoring operations.”


System Integrator, IoT Solutions