New Boundary Technologies CEO selected as part of the Governor’s Trade Mission to the UK and Finland


New Boundary Technologies CEO, Kim Pearson, has been selected to represent Minnesota as part of a notable international trade mission alongside Governor Tim Walz, state government leaders, higher education institutions, and approximately 30 businesses in environmental technology, medical technology, food and agriculture, and educational sectors.

The trade delegation will visit the United Kingdom and Finland from November 13-19, focusing on major business centers in London and Helsinki. CEO Kim Pearson will be part of the environmental delegation working to expand the distribution of our PC Power Management solution, PwrSmart, and IoT solutions to the UK and Finnish Markets.

“New Boundary Technologies remote monitoring solutions have been increasing energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions for over two decades. Our IoT solutions are used in energy production and distribution, smart cities, water and wastewater systems, agriculture and many more” noted Mr. Pearson. “We are looking to expand the global distribution of our IoT solutions to reduce the carbon footprint and electricity spending around the globe.”


About New Boundary Technologies

New Boundary Technologies has been pioneering innovative Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications for more than 30 years. Its RemoteAware™ IoT application service ( has provided private label branded solutions for Fortune 500 companies, solution providers and system integrators since 2001. RemoteAware applications are provided as a hosted service, so solution providers and customers don’t need their own IT resources. A rich set of out-of-the-box capabilities delivers applications quickly requiring little or no software development.